Thursday 1st August                           

It’s all toe tapping stuff with Natasha!


Friday 2nd August                               

You loved him before, its Joe Stone!


Saturday 3rd August                           

Mr Eerius Illusion Act – get your seats early!


Sunday 4th August                              

Kick back and enjoy with Jo Malik!


Monday 5th August                              

Keep it fun with Sophie D’Wilde!


Tuesday 6th August                             



Wednesday 7th August                        



Thursday 8th August                            

Get jiggy with Nat Davis!


Friday 9th August                                 

One we all love, cabaret with Sam Wrey!


Saturday 10th August                          

Sam  Newman – Reggee Night


Sunday 11th August                             

The UK’s best TT Tribute show, its Take@That!


Monday 12th August                             

One foxy lady, it’s Charlotte Fox!


Tuesday 13th August                            



Wednesday 14th August                       



Thursday 15th August                           

Back again but minus the band, it’s Ray Jones!


Friday 16th August                                

It’s presenter from TV’s Milkshake! Nathan Conor!

Whether you’re 14 or 40 you’ll be on the dancefloor!


Saturday 17th August                            

All Revved Up, Meatloaf Tribute


Sunday 18th August                               

He’s the man, it’s Jason Toft


Monday 19th August                               

The fun and brilliant Sam Nolan!


Tuesday 20th August                              



Wednesday 21st August                         



Thursday 22nd August                            

We love her and you will too, it’s Katy Louise!


Friday 23rd August                                 

He’s one of the best, it’s Darren Lake!


Saturday 24th August                             

It wouldn’t be a bank holiday in Somerset without

them, it’s the Mangled Wurzels Tribute Show!


Sunday 25th August                               

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Tribute

With Gathan from X Factor!


Monday 26th August                               

You’ll be laughing and loving it all night long with

Comedy Trio 2Fat4That!


Tuesday 27th  August                               



Wednesday 28th  August                         



Thursday 29th August                               

An act to remember, it’s the brilliant CJ


Friday 30th August                                    

Previously here as Lady Gaga Tribute Show,

Tonight as herself, the brilliant Sharon Stanton!


Saturday 31st August                               

The best illusion act around, it’s Mr Eerius!!