8 Month Seasonal £2700

7th March 2022 - 7th November 2022

​Includes up to 5 people + a baby

£200 discount if paid in full by 30th of September

£100 discount if paid in full prior to 23rd of December

Winter storage £200 and includes towing)


(Electric is via a card meter)

Due to high demand if you would like to keep your pitch for 2022 please phone to pay your deposit in September. The deposit is £600.

Pitch Map

Terms & Conditions of Business

At the end of the season, on or prior to either the 12th of October or the 12th of November, please arrange to have your caravan towed back in to storage. Please ensure that your awning is down, jacks are up and everything is packed away ready. Please remember to give us keys for the caravan hitch lock.



Seasonal pitch price includes: Caravan, awning, and up to 2 cars, 5 persons, 2 dogs. (Any extra's beyond the items just mentioned such as extra cars, persons, dogs and visitors are chargeable as extra's at the campsites standard rate). Second cars if you have one must be put in our car park. You may bring a van to set-up at the start of the camping season, but after that vans are NOT allowed next to caravan pitches. If you have to bring a van with you, it MUST be parked in the Sports Bar car park. No Commercial Vehicles.

Towing Service: We can tow your caravan from Home Farm to Mill Farm for £80.00 (If we are towing your caravan to the campsite, you will save yourself the £7.50 tow in to storage)

Enjoy all the benefits of Mill Farm such as the FREE Swimming, Boating and Club Entertainment (Subject to Covid19 restrictions) right through the season as an all inclusive price. No need to book each time just jump into your car and drive down.

Fences: When we are not too busy, it will be possible to order a fence for your season pitch. If you would like a fence it must be arranged through us. There is a charge of £150 when you order a fence and then there is an ongoing maintenance fee of £50.00, due prior to the start of each camping season at the same time you pay the campsites fees. You must NOT paint or treat your fence so that we can ensure the uniformity. We will do all maintenance.


Free WIFI is available in our Sports Bar and around the Club. We have chargeable WIFI around the park. Open up your laptop and select the strongest connection.

Awnings: may stay up for the whole camping season as long as you use Storm Straps, Rock Pegs and Double Pole. (It is is your responsibility to check your caravan awning regularly and tighten poles so that it does not blow down in bad weather)

Storage Boxs: You may have a max of two garden storage boxes on your seasonal caravan pitch with dimentions of approximately 4 Feet hight, 4 Feet wide and 3 Feet deep. No sheds of any other kind or any other types of construction will be allowed on camping pitches. You will be asked to remove items that are wrong. If in doubt please ask us FIRST.

Hover Carts: We welcome bikes, scooters, go carts or hover boards when being used under parental supervision. Unfortunately we regret that hover carts are NOT permitted on the roadways on site due to the risk of collision with other vehicles. 

Insurance: Please make sure that your caravan is fully insured to be on a seasonal pitch.

Other Seasonal Information

We do not allow entry to large caravans that we deem unsuitable (Hobby/LMC, Tabbart, Roma, Wieppert etc.) only one vehicle per tent/caravan is allowed all other vehicles are to be parked in car park by the stop sign..