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Connect to “Mill Farm WIFI” (Android)

1. On your device go to "Settings" click on "Connections".                                                  

2. Select "Mill Farm WIFI"


3. Select, "Payment Plan" with either 3 or 5 devices. Pay for the campsites WIFI using either a debit or credit card.

4. To add further devices click on "Already paid" on the device that you want to add and then enter the registered email address (This is the email address you used to pay for the WIFI.

Note: If you go beyound the number of devices purchased you will need to disconnect one and wait for the time out period to end.


Removing "Use randomise Mac (default)"

Many mobile phones have now had a firmware security update that then uses randomised MAC address each time you log in to the WIFI on your phone. This prevents the portal from identifying your phone as an allowed device.

To fix this, change the phone to "Use device MAC" instead of "Use randomised MAC default".

1. Enter "Settings" on your phone and select "Mill Farm WIFI". 


2. Select the settings cog to the right.

3. Select "Advanced" and make sure "MAC address type" is set to "Use device MAC" (Don't forget to save)

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