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​​Boating lake: Other campsites in Somerset charge for extra activities. Most of our activities are FREE. Our Boating Lake is FREE for you to use for the duration of your stay. We find that the Boating Lake is very popular with children visiting the campsite. Endless fun can be had navigating around the islands and trying to avoid the ducks. Don't forget to bring some bread to feed the ducks. It might be advisable to bring a spare set of clothes with you for the children in case they get wet. The Boating Lake is only knee deep but please supervise young children.

Swings and Slides: At the bottom end of the boating lake there is a small play area with swings, slides and a roundabout. Canoes: The paddles need to be collected from behind the campsites reception. There are very few other campsites that provide this kind of entertainment for children. So why not visit one of the best campsites in Somerset so that you can take full advantage of the fantastic activities available at the campsite.

Boating Lake - Bridgwater, Campsites in Somerset

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