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Weekend breaks: If you have your caravan stored with us you are able to arrange for your caravan to be pulled to pitch before you arrive on Fridays. We also tow your caravan back to storage after you leave on the Sunday. Towing on an of pitch is £7.50 each way. This means you don't have to tow your van to and from the campsite. (Saving you petrol and time)

Security: The security of caravans stored at Mill Farm is our number one priority. The caravan storage compound is enclosed by a hedge, banks and ditches. There is a secure gate, alarms and most importantly Close Circuit Television (CCTV). No one is permitted to enter storage unless authorised to do so by the management. No unauthorised vehicles may enter storage.

Insurance: We strongly advise our customers to take out adequate insurance and to have a hitch lock fitted to the caravan on pitch or in the campsite storage compound.

Initial tow in and storage setup: £15.00

Final tow out and close down when a van is leaving: £15.00

Admin charge for swapping over to a new van £15.00

Payments: Debit/Credit cards accepted. NO CHEQUES. Overdue payments incur a fee of £5.00 per month.

28 day rule: You must have at least 28 days storage remaining, or have given at least 28 days notice, prior to the end of the last paid quarter should you intend to remove your caravan. Otherwise you will need to pay £3.00 for each day of notice not given. Notice must be given by phone and email. Notice may be given Monday to Friday 9:00 - 5:00pm. All fees must be paid before the caravan leaves storage.

Short term storage at £21.00 per week is only available if arranged prior to the commencement of storage.

Removal: The balance of any remaining storage will not be refunded if you remove your van early.

Towing: Available seven days a week between the times of 10.00am - 5.00pm (unless otherwise agreed). We charge £8.00 each way when it is going off the campsite. If you will be touring other campsites in Somerset please contact us at least the day before.

Booking: Even if you are one of our storage customers please ensure you book in good time for busy periods. To book a pitch or discuss caravan storage arrangements please phone: 01278 732286.

Caravan Storage
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