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​The seasonal price you pay includes: Touring caravan, awning, and up to 2 cars, 5 persons, 2 dogs. (Additional cars, persons, dogs and visitors are chargeable as extras at the campsites standard rate). Electric: is supplied via a meter and cards for the meters may be obtained from the Sports Bar. You may top up your electric cards with either £20, £40 or £60 of electric as required.

Deposit: We reserve the right to re-let the pitch without a refund if the balance is not paid in full by the end of February each year prior to the start of the season.

Occupancy: Seasonal Pitches may only be occupied up to a maximum of 21 days in a row. The pitch must then remain vacant for at least 5 days. This rule does not apply between the 20th July and the 1st September when you may stay right through if you wish.

Awnings: may stay up for the whole camping season as long as you use Storm Straps, Rock Pegs and Double Pole.

(It is is your responsibility to check your caravan awning regularly and tighten poles so that it does not blow down in bad weather)

Storage Boxs: You may have a max of two garden storage boxes on your seasonal caravan pitch with dimentions of approximately 4 Feet hight, 4 Feet wide and 3 Feet deep. No sheds of any other kind or any other types of construction. You will be asked to remove items that are wrong. If in doubt please ask us.

Family only: A season pitch is strictly for caravan owners and immediate family members only, for example your grandchildren,  children and parents. Caravans are not to be rented or hired and are to be used for holidays and leisure use only, not living or working.

Transfer: Seasonal pitches are non-transferable. If you sell your caravan then your sold van must be removed from the caravan season pitch. You may not sell or give your season pitch to someone else.

Maintenance: Pitches must be kept clear between holidays to aid pitch maintenance for example, "wind breaks" etc. Undersides of caravans must be kept clear to make it easier for strimming. Please also keep the pitch mown using a small electric flymo or similar.


Fire Pits: Strictly no fire pits/heat logs or anything else that produces sparks/flames. Sky lanterns or Fire lantons are also banned at the campsite. We do allow normal gas or charcole barbeques.

Nuisance: The proprietor reserves the right to refuse admission to the caravan park to any person, also the removal from the campsite of any person or caravan to abate a nuisance. All of the other campsites rules also apply such as no noise after 11:00pm.


All dogs: must be kept on a lead at all times. Dog mess must be cleaned up immediately. Dogs are not allowed in the campsite toilet blocks or left unattended at your caravan or at any time. We will ask you to remove your dog from the campsite if you are unable to control barking or if it gets loose continually.

Children: Mill Farm Caravan and Camping Park is a family friendly park. Parents please do not let your children play with the water standpipes in the camping fields or play in the toilet blocks. It is strictly not allowed to fill water balloons or water pistols in the toilet blocks. Your understanding in this regard is very much appreciated.

Speed limit: Please observe the 5mph speed limit that is in place around the site. This also applies coming into and leaving the site. Watch out for children!!!

Power toys: Motorcycles and Scooters are not allowed to be used around the site. Petrol or battery engine scooters and quads are also not allowed. This is to reduce noise and annoyance to others.

Finally we would kindly ask that you respect the decision of the security team when they enforce the rules of the caravan park. They are there for everyones safety/enjoyment of the park. Security have the power to decide there and then if someone is to be removed from the park.

Insurance: Caravan owners bring their vans on site at their own risk. By bringing your caravan on site you accept liability for accidents to yourselves and or loss of, or damage to property within the caravan park. It is your responsibility to fully insure against fire, theft and third party liability. You are strongly advised to insure your holiday in case you have to cancel due to sickness or any other

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